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Imogen's Mission

Imogen’s Mission

Seven year-old Dolphin Project Mini Monitor Imogen arrived to Taiji, Japan with a purpose: she was going to deliver a handwritten letter to Mayor Sanger Kazutaka, protesting the slaughter of dolphins at the infamous town. This was her second time visiting this season, along with her mother, Senior Cove Monitor[…]

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dead dolphin caught in nets

The Colour of Money

Taiji, Japan, January 26, 2016: “What the hunters are doing in Taiji violates an ancient friendship cultivated by time, between man and dolphin.” ~ Ric O’Barry, Founder/Director, Dolphin Project With so many pods of dolphins migrating in the Kuroshio current, taking them right past Taiji, January is usually a bad[…]

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Blue Cove

Heading back to Japan in 10 days!

This is my 5th time returning to Taiji to be a Cove Monitor for Dolphin Project. Each time I go, I learn more about the happenings there, what to spot in the drives, some more Japanese words and phrases to talk with the locals ( to help gain their trust[…]

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