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The long awaited release of MERCY

Vicki has been taken under the wing of Don Lichterman, and Sunset Studios. Don is the one responsible for releasing Vicki’s debut album “Mercy” on August 2nd in the United States. Her songs have been getting lots of airplay on many radio stations, and two new videos for her songs[…]

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Victory for #savemilo campaign

SAVE MILO – Victory and the story as it unfolded Sept 2015 – Feb 2016 I met Milo at Phuket Zoo whilst my friend Louise Rogerson (founder of EARS) and I were checking the welfare of the animals at the zoo, before going to assess the state of the Nemo[…]

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Imogen's Mission

Imogen’s Mission

Seven year-old Dolphin Project Mini Monitor Imogen arrived to Taiji, Japan with a purpose: she was going to deliver a handwritten letter to Mayor Sanger Kazutaka, protesting the slaughter of dolphins at the infamous town. This was her second time visiting this season, along with her mother, Senior Cove Monitor[…]

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dead dolphin caught in nets

The Colour of Money

Taiji, Japan, January 26, 2016: “What the hunters are doing in Taiji violates an ancient friendship cultivated by time, between man and dolphin.” ~ Ric O’Barry, Founder/Director, Dolphin Project With so many pods of dolphins migrating in the Kuroshio current, taking them right past Taiji, January is usually a bad[…]

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